Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (Ultra Fudgy)

It’s not even Christmas with Chocolate Crinkle Cookies! They are just a classic. Chocolate Christmas cookies are a must on your cookie plate; they always seem to disappear first. This recipe is ultra fudgy and decadent because we’re using cocoa AND baking chocolate!

chocolate crinkle cookies

Does anyone have any good reasons to explain why our Elf on Shelf has not moved in like 3 nights? Let’s not mention the fact that it’s only December 5, and he only showed up at the beginning of the month.

chocolate crinkle cookies

Every day we have to come up with a new excuse. “It’s a long way to the North Pole…” “There must have been a snow storm…” I think we’re slowly crushing our kid’s spirits. Also, Truman told me about a friend of his who’s Elf was OUTSIDE one morning, and one elf who brought them hot chocolate, and another who was swimming in a mini pool of marshmallows. Can you Other Moms stop being so darn creative already?? I can’t even remember to move mine, let alone come up with adventurous/naughty things for him to do.

crinkle cookies

But at least I can play the cookie card. Next time they wake up to Elfie in the same exact spot maybe I’ll just tell them we’re having these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies for breakfast, and they’ll forget all about it. Right?? Mom of the year right here.

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