EASY New Year’s Eve Appetizers For 2019!

This is the ULTIMATE New Year’s Eve Appetizers Menu with 18 recipes for snacks, drinks, and dessert! Whether you are hosting or just bringing one dish, these recipes will be perfect. Bring on the new year!

The other day I was talking on the phone with my mom through our minivan’s Bluetooth thingy. (Did I tell you we got a van?? We’re “one of those” families now. Third kid. They’ll do you in guys.)

So my mom and I finish chatting. Bye Karen, bye Mom, conversation over. 30 seconds later I hear someone mumbling and realize it’s my mom, and she’s just as surprised to hear me. Eventually we realized neither of us had bothered to hit the end button, expecting the other one to take care of it. How lazy can you get??

Easy New Year’s Eve Appetizers

So how was everyone’s Christmas?? We had so much fun. I was going to send out a holiday-greeting type post and say Merry Christmas to all of you, but I was having way too much fun hanging out with my family to even find where my computer cord got lost. It was kinda nice to (unintentionally) go off the grid for a little while.

But forget Christmas. It’s time for New Year’s Eve! I got together with a few of my favorite blogging friends and put together some recipe ideas for your festivities. I don’t drink alcohol because I’m LDS, but if you do, there are some pretty looking drinks you can try out! Happy New Year everyone!

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