Lloyd The Llama Planter

Lloyd The Llama Planter

Calling all plant parents! That boring, cracked, plastic terracotta-coloured pot that you got for 30p from a crusty old garden centre is due a serious upgrade. Give your green friends the home they deserve by repotting them into this lovely little llama.

Made of stunning, easy to clean porcelain, this minimalist planter is a fast track route to instantly Insta-worthy home – and happier plants, obvs. Just don’t let ‘em see any of your clutter and they’ll think you live in a modern, tidy, stylish wonderland where plants live on the backs of delicately crafted porcelain llamas.

Product features:
Llama planter
Extremely adorable
Made of durable porcelain
Fits most small plants
Measures approximately 15.2cm (H) x 8.3cm (W) x 12.7cm (D)

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Written by buzzyberry


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