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4 Summer Whiskey Sensations

Whiskey-based cocktails continue to elevate in popularity—fueled largely by the creativity of mixologists in top restaurants and bars. Major beverage alcohol manufacturers also work with mixologists and social influencers, to create buzz worthy beverages. For your summer enjoyment, some favorite whiskey-based cocktail recipes that have recently hit our radar. Manhattan Ingredients 2 ounces James E […]

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Food That Sounds Delicious

Have you noticed how we are drawn in by descriptions? Think about food for a minute. Years ago we ate macaroni and cheese, right? Then someone added lobster and took a picture of it. Suddenly, you had something craveable. Well, that wasn’t enough. Now we need to describe the picture. It’s not enough to call […]

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Destination Hawaii: Lydgate Farms

So much chocolate. And fruit. And vanilla. And honey. Lydgate Farms in Kaua’i is truly the place to taste it all. We took in a tour of the beautiful chocolate plantation thinking we’d learn about their “branch to bar” philosophy and maybe taste a bite of chocolate. We ended up with an education about Kaua’i […]

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