Mexican Wedding Cookies (Russian Tea Cakes)

Everyone needs a killer recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies! Do you call them Russian Tea Cakes? Or Snowball Cookies? Polvorones? Italian Wedding Cookies?? How does one cookie have so many names?? These super easy (6 ingredient!) shortbread cookies are studded with chopped nuts and rolled in powdered sugar. They are irresistible, it’s no wonder every country’s got their own version!

Mexican wedding cookies


I took 7-year-old Charlotte to see the Nutcracker this weekend! She’s been begging to go. We don’t take the kids to performances that often, and I remembered why. She could NOT stop talking.

Literally every 30 seconds she would lean over and not-whisper in my ear, “I THINK THAT’S FAKE SNOW.” And I would say, yes, you’re probably right, you have to whisper Charlotte!” Then 30 seconds later, “I THINK THAT ONE’S CLARA!” “Yes, Charlotte, please whisper!!” and “THEY ARE PROBABLY CHANGING THE SET BEHIND THAT BACK CURTAIN!” Charlotte!!! Whisper!!” 

snowball cookies

Charlotte’s inability to whisper aside, it was so fun. It was also a good reminder that I am most definitely NOT a ballerina. There was an older lady sitting next to us who wanted to get up during intermission, so I stood up, but stepped directly on the program at my feet. It slipped out from underneath me, banana peel style, and I flopped back into my chair, arms flailing. The sugar plum fairy is up there personifying grace itself, and I can’t even stand up over here without thrashing around like an idiot.

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