Tzatziki Sauce Recipe (with Toasted Za’atar Pita: Easy Appetizer!)

Have you ever tried making a Greek Tzatziki sauce recipe? Creamy Greek yogurt is combined with cool cucumbers and spiced with garlic, dill, and lemon. It is simple, fresh, and healthy. I paired it with toasted pita bread to make a fabulous New Year’s Eve appetizer! 


Last week I had just arrived at my brother Eric’s house for the holidays, and had a couple work items to take care of. I still had to send out an email to all you lovely subscribers to let you know about

. Every time I publish a recipe, I immediately send an email to all my subscribers to tell them about my new post. (Are you a subscriber? I love you! Muah!)

tzatziki recipe

So I pulled out my computer and got to work, and my brother told me that my emails trick him every time. “What do you mean!?”

He told me that when he sees the teaser on the subject line that says, “Hi there Eric –” he always clicks to open the email, because he thinks that it’s a special email just for him from his baby sister, and not a mass email from his baby sister to him and 40,000 other people all at once.

tzatziki sauce recipe

I had just hit send on the cinnamon rolls email, and I told him that I was sending him a Super Special Email just for him. (A total lie.) He texted me from work later, “Dangit! You got me again. I really thought it was from you and not a blog email.” Mwahaha, sorry bro. I don’t know why this cracks me up so much.


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