Kappa kizhangu vadai, kappa vada, tapioca vada

Kappa vada recipe with easy procedure and simplest ingredients. Using small onion in the kappa kizhangu vadai adds flavour. Full video recipe.Everyone loves tapioca in my mom in law family. Tapioca is known in various names in tamil. Kuchi kilangu (kizhangu), kappa kizhangu, maravalli kizhangu. They have it boiled with salt as such. How much ever we make, it will be emptied in no time. I am neither a fan, not a hater. Whenever we get to see good quality kappa kizhangu, we buy. Vj enjoys while aj too tastes if I give.Most of the times, it is …

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Frito Pie {a.k.a. Walking Tacos}

Rasam with fresh ground rasam powder